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CELINE since its inception in 1945, has been excellent quality and sophistication synonymous with fashion. It is born
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Production of clothing, handbags, shoes,Replica store 2015 bags luggage tote celine leather gloves and other products, in terms of accessories to design, manufacture or selection,Outlet replica handbags boston celine authentic are quite rich in refined, emphasizing the harmony between and clothing with sex. [1]
Celine (Celine) opened in 1945 by a female designer Celine Vipiana first shop in Paris,Celine sale replica outlet handbags mini mainly to the sale of children's shoes, after leather goods, clothing line listed. Over the years, CELINE elegant interpretation of women continues to create fashion, while continuing to express the fashion industry for cultural and sports care through the introduction of new designs, CELINE represents a new way of life.
Celine has developed into a complete boutique Kingdom, the production of clothing, handbags,Wholesale replica store celine handbags mini luggage shoes, leather gloves and other products, from accessories to design, manufacture or selection, are quite rich in refined, emphasizing harmony with nature between the various products, so gorgeous and comfortable coexistence, elegant but not feel bound.
Full of contemporary CELINE is the best show of professional women style French luxury brand. CELINE brand style thick, sprinkle
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Off independently, so that women always effortless, highlighting the gentle charm. Sophisticated brand image by female hands, Bags wallet outlet replica shop celine built specifically for women, the use of comfortable materials Seiko secret agents, superb quality skills achievement CELINE Paris is the perfect classic fashion.
In 2005, Ivana Omazic as artistic director of the brand, to accept the challenge of re-interpretation of the spirit of CELINE.Bags purses wholesale celine replica online Designed by her 2006 spring and summer series launched with great success. She boldly carry forward the traditional casual CELINE unique style, with elegant, modern and full of female glamor fashion design.
In 2007 the brand will celebrate Cha & icirc; ne Blason series birthday. celine bag replica This series as the brand logo has spanned 35 years. Series Paris Arc de Triomphe Etoile decorative patterns, is undoubtedly very Parisian Ms. CĂ©line Vipiana CELINE selected as the most desirable brand logo.
In recent years, with the development of Celine, the classic pattern style package gradually stepped down from the stage of history. Phoebe Philo to Celine fashion inject new vitality, create a swing bag, smiley package and other familiar famous bags.
Since 1945 by a female designer Celine Vipiana in Paris opened its first

Shop "CELINE, Le bottier pour enfants", to sell senior boys shoes started the famous French brand Celine,fake celine bags has a full six decades. Go camp since 1959 onwards,fake celine bags uk Celine women's handbags became the main project. Handbag on a variety of patterns, such as two-wheeled carriage, Omega, flowers and a half mark, it is deeply representative of Celine's classic. 1950,celine replica handbags the first CELINE mark "elephant" was born, which represents a childlike innocence, happiness and joy.replica handbags britain CELINE mark was introduced as the theme of the children's series and souvenirs, is most welcome.celine handbags replica And in 1966, marking the birth of the classic horse pattern. This marked the birth of the founder Celine is due to her husband, Richard Vipiana love horseback riding, so fake celine bags australia this was a noble leisure activities integrated into the design. Celine at the beginning of the sixties the pattern used for product design, but also precisely reflects the brands to luxury leather goods and ladies noble image. The zero-five-year celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the brand,Celine Outlet replica this pattern has even been reintroduced mark on Le Sulky series.
Celine another ace mark in 1977 for the first time appeared in the series of half the bag carriage design
Celine founder Celine Vipiana
The "C" is more representative of the founder of the brand Celine tribute. Celine most important tag,replica celine bags we must mention the birth in 1973 of the Arc de Triomphe chain pattern. This flag still used today, on behalf of the brand's extraordinary creative spirit and elegant and refined image.
December 2001, Celine was launched twelve European countries of limited edition handbags coin to commemorate replica handbags uk replaced by the Euro currency, Europe has witnessed an important moment in history.
Usually like classic female-leading brands, Celine began to take into account the male market,replica celine bag cheap launched the first Unisex leather products, elegant and refined style, suitable for mature men. All products are also hand sewn Celine, now in Paris, France and has a leather design workshop in Florence, Italy, in addition to more established the factory in Florence. In addition to perfume on sale in 1964, the
In fact, Celine since 1967 launched fashion line can not be ignored. Celine's designers are men of fashion stars. Design director in 1997 to join the US designer Michael Kors, the Celine fashion reinvented himself into a simple soft Kors magnificent style, so that was in fashion again become silent taste like Celine

Sign. Although Michael Kors to complete the thirteenth series autumn and winter after leaving Celine own, but Celine in 2004 they got romantic feelings Roberto Buy Fake Celine Bags Online Menichetti took over, continue to create an unfettered and refined modern attitude to life.
2004 Celine participate in the "France celebrates China", handsome Fanfan Li recruited Chinese design created Boogie Bonheur handbag series. And in 2005 he had also recruited Prada, Jill Sander and Miu Miu brands design women's fashion designer Ivana Omazic of Croatia in the spring and summer series Celine began designing a new series.