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Ms. Celine Vipiana 1967 released her first clothing line, and name them

As "Couture Sportswear", which is a first of its kind in the new name at the time was very similar products in unique and creative,where to buy celine bags online it elegant women in Paris and in everyday life relaxing qualities merge into one. Soon, a series of unique shirts, pleated skirts, sweaters and coats as the main logo CELINE clothing line.
CELINE coat inspired by the women in Paris, this very functional jacket, created modern, vibrant and independent woman image,authentic celine bags online a brand launched each season will inevitably focus on products, except those classic styles, CELINE also issued by different innovative fabrics such as denim, tweed, it is made of leather and silk coat breathtaking works.
Founder Ms. Celine Vipiana designed coat full of elegant sense of Paris, former designer Michael Kors adept at using different kinds of innovative fabrics,shop online celine bags re-interpretation of the classic trench coat style, even more enhance customer favorite coat of CELINE. Since 2006,shop celine online CELINE brand creative director Ivana Omazic inherit this tradition, creating a more modern models trench coat to suit different times of day wear, such as the 2006 release of funds for Uganda yarn transparent night, winter 08 series of parachute-style celine bag buy online windbreaker, light and convenient for a busy day.
2009 spring and summer series, we once again see new surprises, on the luxurious, precious python MississippiEGG SHAPE snakeskin coat,celine online store although pricing more than one hundred thousand yuan, but still subject VIP customer in hot pursuit. Relatively inexpensive choice is a black and white stitching cotton cocoon-shaped coat, with a wide belt, showing neat stylish modern lines.
Today, the coat has one brand CELINE most classic and popular single product,celine handbags online whether it is any one of the classic version, or a leopard models, continues to attract all those who love the brand, such as Angelina Jolie, 08 autumn and winter show in Hong Kong artist guest of honor dressed in red patent leather coat Sammi Cheng Yan scared four,celine buy online there are many times wearing a black windbreaker CELINE classic appear in the streets of New York became the object of media correspondents chase Mrs. Tom Katie Holmes.
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Celine leather started in 1946, first boutique shoes are trafficked mainly after
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Leather series also followed the market. It is very practical,celine bags shop online stitch to sew reasons,celine bags sale online such as fine hand harness products by European high society favorite.
By the late 1960s, Celine decided to set up the Ministry of Women, from accessories to clothing, the development of a complete boutique Kingdom. New York well-known fashion designer Michael Kors from 98-99 autumn and winter, began to charge Celine design power at the power of the French fashion gorgeous situation, successful integration into celine bags outlet online American style simple and neat utility. Lay fresh vitality to the development of the 21st century Celine. And DIOR, LV and other famous LVHM group affiliated with Celine, the most luxurious of all items is "real." That let the gorgeous and comfortable coexistence, elegant but never feel bound. Clothing, in addition to the gorgeous, real wear outside, Celine each season will be three to four themes, complete a series of combinations, celine bags online shopping in order to make clothing to accessories, can match each other regardless of the style, color, texture. How Celine leather material, more size choices, emphasizing the perfect combination of clothing, such as a horse as a symbol of Celine exquisite quality "single-seat chariot" flag is often in
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Metal decorative leather goods and shoes on.
Luxury is Celine's neckties, scarves, perfumes, jewelry,celine bags online shop watches, the most important feature, stirrup, ring, flowers, Mahler,celine bags online sale Omega and other signs are more familiar with Celine consumers a brand identity can be discerned.
Ivana believes will continue to show the image of Celine women through fashion - independent, noble and self-confidence.
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Luxury retro colors, colorful romantic feeling, each one brings you celine bags for sale online Celine handbags are novel and exciting visual
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Celine invited, including Madonna, Sophie Marceau and other 19 celebrity children, and together they designed a decorated with feathers and sequins female bag. celine bags buy online Proceeds from the sale of these bags will be donated to REVES association. To help those children who are terminally ill.
2007 年 October 15 to October 30, Celine to join the famous South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo, publish Celine creative director Ivana Omazic and Miss Song Hye Kyo Celine jointly designed limited edition handbags. Only Asia limited edition 100, each package has a unique number, to highlight its luxury and precious.
Unisex series debut is a continuation Blason Logo Ti fabric series, the latest masterpiece, advertised highly functional,celine bag outlet online medium and large size of bags, including shopping bags, messenger bags, backpacks, and other side more than ten kinds of models, all have layers of pocket and pocket setting, you can carry things, methodical in place, and small leather goods such as wallets, key cases, coin purse also should have because, unlike before Blason Logo series of points of difference lies in the round metal studs,celine bag online sale corrected to square studs, giving more masculine personality traits.
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Celine Luggage Boston handbags with a high-grade leather and python skin stand out the perfect texture,celine bag online price while the front looks like a bag of "human face", known as the smiley package! From the inside to the outside of the finest materials and high standards manual, inadvertently embodies minimalist luxury Celine Luggage bags, but this package also has a strong practicality and functionality, called IT bag is inevitable!
Céline Celine Luggage leather series is one of the most important models. Phoebe Philo, creative director of the brand re-interpretation of the history of design and re-write the history of contemporary luxury, Celine Luggage, with top quality cautious interpretation of a new, confident attitude.
Celine Luggage (smiley package) cortical different, different sizes and different prices, but the minimum number is 9000RMB start
Celine Trapeze, because of its unique shape, commonly known by the public Swing package, the package is also one of the important swing style of Celine,celine bag online authentic Phoebe Philo fashion doctrine! Swing package is a lot of models, fashion bloggers pursuit! Swing packet size is very large, and the classic style, given the strength of contemporary female confidence.
Luggage smiley package price and the same price Trapeze swing package, the size of the gap is small, the minimum number of RMB 11000 start